What is an Airtable?

And why do I need one?
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    Airtable Transforms Spreadsheets Into Powerful Versatile Tools

    At first glance, Airtable is a spreadsheet. Is it another version of Microsoft Excel? Or Google Sheets? No. Airtable is an excellent alternative to those big-company spreadsheet apps. Because it does way more.

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    Airtable is a relational database with a spreadsheet UI; this means that it has the ease of use and navigation of an Excel or Google spreadsheet, but powerful features of a relational DB (data validation, links and relationships across data tables)...

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    How Are Databases Used in the Real World?

    Your grocery store, bank, video rental store and favorite clothing store all use databases to keep track of customer, inventory, employee and accounting information. Databases allow for data to be stored quickly and easily and are used in many aspects of your daily life.

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    Templates - Airtable

    Browse published templates and get started with the one that fits your needs.

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