Transition from Excel to Airtable

  • workbook ⇢ base: This is called a "base" because it's a database.

  • sheet ⇢ table: Databases have tables. Spreadsheets call them sheets so it sounds like paper.

  • row ⇢ record: Every row in a table is its own individual record, just like in a well-formatted spreadsheet.

  • column ⇢ field: Every column represents the same information about each record, so each column contains one specific field in every record.

  • cell ⇢ cell: Cells are cells. We had to leave one name alone just to mess with you.

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    Getting started: starting with the base-ics

    Welcome to Airtable!
    Now you know what Airtable can do, but you still might not know where to begin—so let's start with what you first see when you sign in to Airtable.

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    Moving records using copy and paste

    You can paste a single cell or a range of cells across one or many cells. To do so, simply select the cell or cells you'd like to copy, and press c.
    You can then select another cell range, and pres...

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    Writing formulas in Excel vs Airtable

    If you're an Excel user who is familiar with writing formulas, and are just getting started with Airtable, this article is for you! While the principles of formula functions are similar in Airtable...

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