Interactive Fields

Add extra features to your Airtable that allow you to click, check, and scan to interact with your data.
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    Checkbox field

    Example: Checking off tasks is functional *and* fun! This field helps you do exactly that.

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    Bar code field

    Example: You have a reading goal and would like to track your progress on a reading list. You can use the bar code field to scan the book's ISBN code instead of manually entering the title each time. How fancy!

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    Button field

    Example: You want a colorful button to click so you can easily access the link attached to each item on your list of milestones.

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    Single select field

    Example: The single select field is perfect for categorizing goals into into time periods.

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    Multiple select field

    Example: You'd like to get a sense of how balanced your goals are by visualizing how they are spread out over the different areas of your life. To accomplish this, you can assign one or more life areas to each goal so you can filter and sort to your heart's content later on.

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    Collaborator field

    Example: Share the goal love! Whoever you collaborate with, this field will help you assign any task to the right person.

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