Fancy Fields

Reference other tables, summarize data, and automate to your heart's content with these powerhouse fields.
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    Linked record field

    Example: Each goal has a set of milestones to track. Each milestone has a set of action items to complete. Linked records define the relationship between two items so you can keep track of the relationships and pass information back and forth between related records.

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    Count field

    Example: You would like to know how many action items remain undone for each milestone. A count field will look at the related action items and tally the ones that are not marked complete. Best of all, the field will continue to update as you check off action items.

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    Lookup field

    Example: It's helpful to have all of your information at your fingertips when you're planning. You'd like to see a list of related milestones for each goal so you can keep all of the relevant plates spinning as needed.

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    Formula fields

    Example: You would like to calculate the number of days left until your due date for each action item.

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