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Media have embedded values and points of view.

Questions: What values, lifestyles and points of view are represented in, or omitted from, this message? What does this tell me about how other people live and believe? Is anything or anyone left out?
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    Got Milk? How the iconic campaign came to be, 25 years ago

    It’s been a quarter century since those two little words entered public consciousness. Here’s the story of one of the most famous ad campaigns in history.

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    Interactive Media Bias Chart®

    This Interactive Media Bias Chart® is a data visualization that displays measures of news (and “news-like”) articles and sources generated by analysts and staff of Ad Fontes Media. It reflects our most up-to-date ratings of all our rated articles and shows over time.

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    What's the Difference Between Perspective and Bias?

    One of the most common mistakes made by students when analysing sources is to confuse ‘perspective’ and ‘bias’. While the two analysis skills are related, they are very different.

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    18 false advertising scandals that cost some brands millions

    These brands all faced false advertising scandals.

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