3. Audience

Different people experience the same media message differently.

Questions: How might different people understand this message differently? What do I think and feel about this? What might other people think and feel about this?
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    Got Milk? How the iconic campaign came to be, 25 years ago

    It’s been a quarter century since those two little words entered public consciousness. Here’s the story of one of the most famous ad campaigns in history.

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    Gender Bias in Advertising

    Research, Trends and New Visual Language

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    Different Ads, Different Ethnicities, Same Car

    Toyota recently unveiled several ads for the same car — its flagship Camry. Each ad speaks to a different audience, offering a fascinating glimpse into how race and culture figure into American advertising today.

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    Must-watch McDonald's commercials for country-specific local menu items

    From Durian McFlurries to poutine, McDonald's doesn't shy away from shapes and flavors that would be unfamiliar in California.

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